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Generate instant health insurance quotes

  • Fully compatible with UAE health insurance workflow
  • Saves up to 70 mins / quote generated
  • No installation cost - ready to use in 1 working day
Ramzi Ghurani

"Cardea has revolutionized the way we do insurance! It helped us save time by automating key repetitive steps, so we can now dedicate that time back to the customer!"

Ramzi Ghurani - Petra Insurance Brokers

Main features

Everything you need in order to digitalize your
end-to-end workflow

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Instant health insurance quotes

Generate instant health isurance quotes for individual or groups and share them in easy to read comparison PDFs

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Customized PDFs

1 click to generate customized PDF with several options and integrated sharing solutions to save time on repetitive and low value tasks

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Easy to read comparison files

Include up to 5 quotes into 1 file so that the client can have the best experience when comparing several options

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Automated renewal reminders

Generate automated Create custom landing pages with Omega that converts more visitors than any website. With lots of unique blocks, you can easily build a page without coding.

The golden germ

Your own consumer platform (B2C)

This is your own YallaCompare, but for health insurance quotes. Now this is what we call: end-to-end digitalization.

no installation

No installation required

Because it works on Amazon AWS Cloud Infrastructure. That's top-level data security.

easy to setup

Easy to set up

We're ready to deploy the whole system into 1 single day. No up-front or installation fee.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

Why it's important? Because we save time on trainig - and we pass that saving to you.

And there's more features

Here is everything we have up & runing,
and what we're planning to launch soon

Instant Quotes

Individual and Groups

Comparison PDFs

Lead Form Integration

Whitelabel B2C

Dedicated CRM

Data Pre-validation

Agent Performance Reports

Renewal Reminders

Automated Application Forms

Cars, Home, Life verticals

Client Network Access (Post-Paid)

Online Payment

Client Follow Up Dashboard

40 mins

Save up to 40 mis / agent / quote with our digitlized approach


Get 30% more leads with instant quotes through your lead generation forms

Case study   --   Petra Insurance Brokers

Our solution saved 70 minutes / health insurance health quote

We've implemented our health insurance engine into Petra's workflow - within 1 day, the team saw the benefits and they now rely on our system to generate instant quotes.

Off the shelf insurtech solution

This is digitalization's fastest route.

no installation

No installation required

ready-use cloud-based architecture
easy to setup

Easy to set up

as soon as tomorrow and you're online
Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

you'll know how to use it from the 1st try
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Customer reviews

Find out from the ones that use Cardea on a daily basis

The job of an insurance advisor requires a lot of precision and accuracy, especially during the quotation stage. Not only do the quotations have to be accurate, but they also have to be sent to the client within the turnaround time. The insure tech portal (Cardea) has been a great supporting tool for our advisors.

Quoting the inbuilt plans can be done at a click of a button saving about 80% of our time rather than making a manual quote. The calculation of premium is also automated, which eliminates the risk of human errors. The portal is user-friendly and highly flexible and capable of accommodating any changes that need to be made to enhance customer experience.

Cardea portal is a great and user-friendly tool to help get your medical insurance quotation with the set benefits and network list by entering the essential details. Their designs are highly customized and are not drawn from pre-built templates. They have saved us hours and hours per month, which allowed us to have meaningful conversations with clients about their needs just Cardea have been dedicated and instrumental in designing the portal for the team. I would highly recommend Cardea!

The Cardea portal is a very user-friendly online platform for the quick generation of quotes. With few basic details of the member, we can get a detailed comparison of different insurance options as there is no manual work, so the chance of error is negligible. The quotation has all the details of the plans, starting from the table of benefits to general exclusion, network list and application. So everything can be accessed with a click.

Cardea and their customer-friendly team have been instrumental in designing the portal, and they are ready to make changes to the portal based on our requirements.

It has made work for us extremely rewarding and fun.

Starting from

Per agent / month
  • No up-front fees
  • Initial set up & training
  • 21 days trial
  • Basic customization included
  • 1 month premium support
  • Generate quotes immediately


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Asked Question

Does it require installation?

No installation is required.
Since our platform is being hosted in the cloud, we only need to create a username and a password for you to get going.

Who owns the customer data?

You are the sole owner of all the customer data generated through the platform.

How fast can we start using the platform?

It takes less than 1 day to set up the platform, and then you're ready to generate quotes. So, as soon as tomorrow you'll be digitalized.

Is the workflow compatible with the Middle East?

We have digitalized the process of doing insurance in the Middle East, with great improvements in key areas, where that was possible. We offer further customization as a service.

Do you often update your platform?

Yes, and you have access to all of them (most of them free of charge). We release new features every 2-3 weeks.

Is the data stored securely?

We're using Amazons' AWS infrastructure, which comes with one of the highest standards in terms of data security available on the market.


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Mihai Sava

Phone: +971 56 826 4577

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