Empower Brokers to Embrace the digital era

End-2-end digital workflow tailored for insurance brokers

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Conversion Rate

Main features

Everything you need to launch your own online platform

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Instant Quotation

Generate multiple instant quotes from one single system in seconds

icon administration area

Administration Area

To update premiums, create discounts, and add or remove agents

icon automated renewals

Automated Renewals

Get a notification 1 month before the policy expires with automatically generated quotes

icons clients CRM

Clients CRM

Your CRM with Customers and their history of transactions

icon reports


See SLAs, performance, closed premiums VS total premiums, and more

icon insurer API integration

Insurer APIs integration

End-2-End integration with insurers who provide APIs

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The technology stack

When you thrive in the online environment, it helps us keep the maintain the relationship -- and that is how we can progress together

Data privacy

Data is yours, on your own private cloud server

Open 24/7

And that's the beauty of any online platform


Your payment gateway integrated with the workflow


Best encryption available within the cloud infrastructure

Ready to go live in a matter of weeks

We are a technology company, and this is what we can do best: deploy state-of-the-art digital solutions in the shortest time

How can we go live in just a few weeks?

We have pre-built components that we deploy at your desired URL


Phase 1

Finalize the agreement, decide on the products to be deployed and choose the final URL


Phase 2

We deploy the solution, make all the technical adjustments, and the cloud hosting configuration


Phase 3

We spend 1 full week testing the implementation and making sure there are no major bugs, before the handover


Last phase

Then we spend another week training your team on how to make the best out of the digital solution


If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

The customer-related contact information is hosted on a server where only you have access.
On a separate server, we run the broker platform, and the 2 servers communicate with each other through API.

We currently cover:
- Individual Health Insurance;
- Group Health Insurance;
- Motor Insurance (both TPL and Comprehensive);
- Travel Insurance.

Soon we'll add Home Insurance, Pet Insurance, and Business Liability Insurance.

We have partnered with major insurers from the UAE. You can disable the insurers from your administration area, in case you do not want to distribute certain products.

Also, if there is any specific insurer that we are not covering, or with whom you have an exclusive relationship, that insurer can be added only under your account.

Of course; you have access to update premiums, the list of benefits, and all other aspects. Our interface is very intuitive, and your team will always have access to our support agents.

Yes, in case you want to publish your B2C interface. We can help with all the technical support (including on the application side).

We're charging per product (eg: Individual Health, Motor, etc).
You pay a fixed amount/quarter, in advance. By opting for several products, you will get a discount.

There is no upfront installation cost and no fixed contracts. When you decide to stop using the platform, you simply export all your data and we close the disable.

If you decide to resume the activity, simply make the payment, and we'll enable the account.

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