The world has changed and is changing

Our vision is to migrate insurance into an easy to understand digital space, accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Ok, but who are we?
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Who we are

We're a technology-first company, obsessed with creating insurance-related innovation for the MENA Region.

What we do

We democratize insurance through the help of technology - tbctbctbc (here we need just a bit more text to add)

Why we do it

To close the insurance protection gap - tbctbctbc (here we need just a bit more text to add

about us

The story behind the story

The world has changed and is changing

Margins are thinning and the deep feeling that things could be worse without a solution is real.

Besides the pandemic, margins are becoming thin, increased competition and unruly business dealings and increased regulations have led to a massive uncertainty for insurance brokers.

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Hello Non-Insurance Players?

A significant push for non-insurance players to move out the middle-men - the intermediaries/brokers – because it is the easiest to do


of customers would consider insurance from digital players
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$ 11,940 Millions

InsurTech is an enormous industry whose global market size is projected to reach US$ 11940 million by 2027
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prefer to use mobile devices or tablets to communicate with their insurance company
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A push for digital

Brokers want to keep it traditional in a lot of respects because it was built on good old fashioned business ethics - handshake if you will.

Although this is important in business, but with thinning margins and cheaper insurance costs for clients, holistic advice for all types of insurance does create time and cost pressures.

Brokers will be driven out by the natural market conditions and not moving with the times.

Our mission is to empower brokers and SMEs with easy-to-use and affordable tools to distribute insurance.

We carefully consider our solutions to support each and every stage of your growth.

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